Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
Dragon -V-

Putting out fires...

It's noon and I have yet to leave the office today. I was going to head out to run some errands at about 10-ish but a minor crisis popped-up and I was stuck here dealing with it. Fortunately, I got it all resolved and the parental units are being suprisingly non-confrontational today so that's good but right now I really can't wait for the weekend.

Of course it helps that I am really dying to see the new dragon movie that opens this weekend ("Reign of Fire" for those of you living under rocks and bridges). It's been a few weeks since I was really jazzed about a movie and from what I've seen this should be a very fun movie. It just looks like it has a cool style (despite the fact that the dragons are the bad guys in it).

What else. Eh, nothing much to report really. Work is keeping me busy during the day and I've been reading like a fiend lately so that takes up whatever evenings I don't spend socializing (yeah, I'm such a social butterfly).

So yeah, I'll get around to replying to comments again in the very near future.

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