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Taking a break from productivity

Today is actually working out reasonably well. I've done what I needed to do, and I should have plenty of time to do the other things I need to do before the end of the day. Something still feels off, but its nice to be getting stuff done nonetheless.

Eddie Izzard: The squirrel would stop eating and look about as if to say "Did I leave the stove on? No, of course not. I'm a squirrel"

I really need to clean my desk. It resembles a recycling bin that overflowed onto a toybox. I have random toys scattered around, under, in my desk and they tend to pop up at the oddest times:

Me: Well, your references are good, and I like the experience you have (shuffles papers)
New Guy: What's that on your desk?
Me: Oh that's just Godzilla and some Legos. So when can you start?
New Guy: (back towards the door and makes a run for it)

Ok, ok. Its not that bad, but I have noticed that people I run into in work situations tend to give me odd looks more so than the general population (something I didn't think was really possible). Oddly enough, for work that's actually a good thing since that means that its easier to keep that professional distance going, and I don't normally have too many problems dealing with folks (in construction, it really does help to be big and semi-scary looking), so even if they think I'm a goofball, I'm the goofball that signs their checks, or is running the project, so they have to deal (and its not like I'm not doing my job right).

An aside:Why is it so hard for Southwestern Bell to implement their call waiting feature correctly? I don't like call waiting, so I don't have it, but yet, I have to make a point to hang up the phone for 5-10 seconds before I can dial another number. Normally, this isn't an issue, but at least a couple of times a week, I'm trying to call numerous people about various things, and it irks me that if just push in the phone hang-up thingy (what is that called anyways?) when I let go, I will often end up back at the call I just hung up on (or a busy signal, or an error message etc...). Apparently all phones can flash to another line, but if you happen to only have 1 line, you will flash back to that line. Is it really that hard to put an if x>=2 then statement somewhere in their system to get rid of this bug? This isn't a hugely critical thing, but I resent that my phone service is degraded because I don't want/need a feature that costs a good 5-7 bucks a month. Yet one more thing to fix when I rule the world ;)