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Sports Masochism 101....

So, I got a call yesterday afternoon. It was from the coach of the El Paso Scorpions (the local semi-pro-ish Rugby team). I tried out with them last year, but I ended up not following up on it because a) I was horribly out of shape, b) I just had lots of crap to deal with, c) playing Rugby requires that I remove all piercings for my own safety, and d) they practice on the other side of town (as in with zero traffic, it's a 45 minute drive from my house to the field).

I was somewhat shocked by the call since I didn't think that I had made a particularly good impression when I did try out. It wasn't totally horrible, but it was obvious that I was out of shape and that I hadn't played Rugby in a few years. I still don't think I made a very good impression, but apparently it was not as bad as I had figured. Since they're just starting up the season right now (last time I tried out, it was about mid-season) and they have several new recruits, the coach thought to call me and see if I would be interested in practicing with them and then seeing what I needed to work on to be on the team.

Definitely not a rousing "we really really want you on the team" but still I was just amazed that they hadn't just written me off. More amazing still was that the coach actually seemed to want me to try and work out with them on a regular basis. Granted he might just be looking for a tackle dummy, but I'm going to ignore that possibility ;).

What's very cool about working out with them now is that they apparently have a new practice field that's about 20 minutes from my house (and like 10 from the spooky one I want). They won't be using it until Sept or so, but still that makes a big difference, and I guess I'm just a glutton for pain sometimes.... So I'm going to go practice with tomorrow and see what happens. Let's hope my half-assed workouts have had some effect

(Editorial Note: It's not that the workouts themselves are half-assed (I tend to be good at focusing through exercise), but rather that I keep managing to only seem to make out to the gym 1 or 2 times a week)

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