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Geekly Paternal Instincts....

Heh, now this is really damn cool.

I realize that I'm missing the point to having them in the first place, but on some level, this is the kind of thing that would actually make me want to have kids (for about 0.00002 seconds). It reminds me of getting to build my own treehouse with my dad once upon a time (although it wasn't even remotely as cool)....

Of course me being me, I suspect any such treehouse that I built would have a computer and net access of some sort built in... just for completeness of course.... This is sad, I'm really wishing I had a legitimate excuse to build something like that :).

Update: Perhaps I should finally get around to building my own video gam cabinet soon. Frighteningly enough, I actually have most/all of the computer bits needed to do it... I just need to get around to lugging in a bunch of plywood and the circ saw.... Hmmmmm.... I don't have any plans this weekend...