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News Flash 10/29/01:

Victor has a really really really hard time getting motivated when he really really really has to do something. Tonight, I'm having trouble cleaning my oh so spacious bachelor pad so that it looks habitable during my mom's birthday party tomorrow night. I really have to remember not to volunteer to host family gatherings.

Alternately, I could remember to dust more than once a quarter. That and sweeping, folding clean clothes (and not leaving them in piles on the floor), vacuuming, and throwing away junk mail would leave my house spotless.... well tidier at least ;)

Somehow I suspect neither of those things will happen and I'll just be a procrastinaty Victor for another while longer before magically morphing into the capable "Gets-things-done" Victor and getting the house clean in a really short period of time. I think that I'm just hard-wired to not be able to function properly without some measure of "Oh s***! I'm running out of time" in my life.

Anyway, back to not doing what I should be doing.