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Wallet? We don't need no stinking wallet!

I hung out with wingedlament tonight.

That was quite fun. I'll definitely need to do that again someday. It's cool to find someone that you can just talk to for hours and not have to actually do anything with. Sitting on the couch talking was a very entertaining and fun Saturday night.

We were going to go watch Eight-Legged Freaks (yes I really did like it that much), but I was a fucking idiot and I forgot my wallet at home. After some brief moments of terror as I realized that I didn't have it at the theatre, I drove my forgetful self back home and found it on the floor near my front door. That's the first time in 12 or more years that I've just managed to forget my freaking wallet.

I was not thrilled about that, although aside from that, the evening was a blast.
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