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Ye olde home computer network....

...will shortly be back online.

Well let's say by the end of August (I hope).

I ordered the bits for my new MP3 server earlier this week and most of the bits were shipped out today. I also dug through my computer equipment and I found some stuff I forgot that I had. I looks like I can use some of those old bits, a couple of the new bits and the old Moya to make my Mame/arcade cabinet and the MP3 server.

<insert Dr. Evil laugh here>

I'm very psyched about this. It took a few weeks, but I finally found a case that fits on my stereo rack, is cheap, and can hold the components I want it to. Random note, this will be the first computer I build that doesn't have a floppy drive. Not that I use them much, but it was a pain to find a small case with 2 5 1/4" drive bays and no integrated floppy/button fixture. This one has a space for a floppy, but that space is covered, so once I paint the case, it'll basically be invisible. It's sad to think about just how much thought I put into this ;).

Initially I'll start out the MP3 server with a 120Gb hard drive, but it'll eventually have either 240 or 360 Gb and I have lines on filling lots of it with MP3 and Divx goodness :). If any of you guys want FTP access to it, let me know (it'll probably be online in a few weeks-ish).

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