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I just don't get it....

The USPS just raised the cost of postage and yet they seem to be getting worse and worse as the years go by.

Take today for instance. I just got my mail and I see a package in it. It's the video tape that I sent to tamdragon (sorry for the delay Tammy). It's in a little plastic bag with about 2/3 of the package that I sent it in. This is annoying. They'd torn up part of the Addressee information and a good chunk from the back. The video tape is fine, but then to add insult to aggravation, guess what some Einstein at the post office stamped on the package?

Insufficient Postage


Could it be that the postage sticker thingy was on the part of the package that was ripped off? Hmmmmm? Grrr...

So I grabbed a new envelope and moseyed on down to my local post office and bitched them out royally. Eventually I ended up talking to the station manager monkey and he said "We'll be happy to resend it, just pay ____ for postage"

I think I really scared him with the look I shot at him. It was a trivial amount so it wasn't the money so much as just the general annoyance that they couldn't do such a fucking easy job correctly. Hell in this case referring to them as monkeys is just plain demeaning to the chimps. However, after some amount of fuming I thought to look in my wallet (the repository of all random scraps of paper) and what do you know, I had a receipt for a package that was remarkably the same as the one I was trying to send. Could it be that I had actually paid for postage and that it was ripped off (along with part of the package) by some incompetent monkey there? I think so.

So, anyways, the head monkey took the package, put a postage thingy on it and promised to look into the problem. I don't really expect anything to come of this, but at least I got to vent a bit at someone about it. All things considered, no harm done, just something of a delay (thanks to ye olde postal dingbats) and some annoyance, but then again that's normal in my line of work. Sometimes I think I thrive on confrontations (especially if I can assume the mantle of righteous indignation... righteous indignation is fun :-p).

On the plus side though, they did manage to deliver my new driver's license and I have a whole 2+ weeks to go before my old one expires (yay). So they are totally inept... just highly.incompetent...


I am sorry I have caused you so much aggrivation! I was wondering what had happened to the package you said you were sending...I just figured it was taking you a bit to get it out.... Thanks for going through all the trouble.... *smooch*