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Missing keys....


I did not get to see the house today. We were there at the assigned time, but the agent called to let us know that the seller's agent hadn't been able to get resolve the key situation so we couldn't get in the house.

I had been really nervous about seeing the house, and once I got home I realized that I was actually somewhat pissy about the whole key thing so all in all the daylight part of my day kind of sucked. I did manage to peak through one of the windows and the interior that I saw looked much less cruddy than I had been lead to expect. Still though, I soooooo want to (finally) do a walk through of that house.

Met up with annemarie958 and her cousin for dinner. The company was great, but the service at ye olde Village Inn sucked. We got the same nimrod that pfjunkie and I got on Friday. He's a total spaz. I'm usually very tolerant of servers having a bad day, but this guy just looks like a high school kid who doesn't want to be there. He's got this "I hate my job" vibe and it shows.

Still though, it was fun hanging out with Jenny for a bit. After that I came home and I'm fixing to watch home improvement shows and then I'm not sure. I'm in a weird, not entirely wonderful mood right now.

That is all.

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