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Today sucks...

It doesn't suck excessively, but it does suck a good bit, and I'm pretty much in a damn foul mood at this point.

Suckage #1: The nifty house that I was looking at may have been sold. We're not 100% sure yet because the original listing agent seems about as trustworthy as a as your average televangelist. I'd say there's a 40% chance that it's still available, but I'm not quite motivated enough to keep my hopes up a lot. The silver lining to this being that even though I do like that house, it's not exactly what I would have wanted as far as big spooky old houses go. It has the potential to be a gorgeous house and it's big so I'd love it if I got it, but if I don't, then I can keep looking for something that looks more typically victorian/gothic. Still though, I had managed to get my heart set on it so I'm bummed if it did in fact get sold.

Suckage #2:The new computer that I'm building for the office refuses to work. I can get all the way through and install linux on it with no problems, but as soon as I try to boot up, it crashes... rather violently. Everything seems to be working fine on it (and I got the most awesome 17" LCD monitor for it :), but it just refuses to work. I'm about 3 or 4 installs from ripping it apart and testing it component by component to see WTF is wrong with it. I've been dealing with that most of the morning.

Suckage #3:The computers at Ruben's office aren't working right. They were working right for a long while, but suddenly they just won't print anymore. While it's annoying when a new toy won't work right, on some level you can assume that you just need to figure out that one little thing that needs to be set right. When something that was working right stops working right, I tend to figure that someone broke it (or loaded something they shouldn't have loaded onto it).

Bleh. I just commented on someone's journal and inadvertently made an insulting comment. It's not major or immediate enough to merit it's own suckage entry, but I feel bad about it.

I guess I'm just on a roll today.