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The joys and agony of timing...

The nifty house I was looking at is mostly sold. Apparently the owner and buyer have a contract ready to go. All that they need is to re-zone the property from residential to commercial and it's a done deal. Just a few months difference and I could have gotten that house. Of course a few months ago we were just getting going with the current batch of projects so we weren't quite ready to tackle any part of that.

It's all about the timing.

A few months either way and I would have either seen the house being renovated, or been able to do something about getting it. I think that's the most frustrating part of this whole situation. If I had gone with my initial impulse to go track down the owner, I think I would have been better off. Now I have a real estate agent pointing out houses to me (most of which are totally not interesting) and I'm fixated a bit on the house.


In happier news... well... no one has tried to kill me today. Still have some hours to go though :-p

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