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and in other news...

In my continuing efforts to make my journal as mood swingy as possible, here's a completely non-angsty geeky post...

...check out my new user pics. I finally got around to figuring out how to use The Gimp for image editing stuff. I Still need to come up with one or two new icons though.

... the mega-archive is now alive and well. It took about three hours to format the new drives and do the bad block check, but I figured it was worth it for the first time out. Lucien (bonus points for anyone who gets the reference) came online last night at 1:30am. He's got about 240 gigs of drive space (of which about 50 are being used) and can automagically rip and encode audio CDs placed in his CD drive. He is also setup to share all the archive materials to the machines on my home network as well as (soon) having ftp access. Now just to give him a nice stereo equipment black paint job and he can take his permanent place in the etnertainment center.

... I've gotten most of the components together for the new arcade cabinet/machine. All I need to do is buy a cheap-o monitor, hard drive and some arcade quality joysticks/buttons/trackballs. Then I can build the cabinet. Amusingly enough, I was able to put it together from random components that I had lying around the house. If I wanted to be super-stingy, I could do it without buying the monitor and hard drive (as I do have some spares), but I figure I should get a good, cheap 19" monitor so that the actual gaming is fun (it would be silly to build a whole arcade cabinet and stick in it a cheesy 15" monitor :).

... My house still looks like a war zone/tornada/disaster area. I have 3 days/nights to get things in order before X arrives. This should be fun. Don't be surprised if the cats are smelling pine fresh in the next few days :).

... more to come


me being me, I'd guess Lucien Carr...but you being you, I'll guess Lucien LaCroix
Wrong. Neither one. Care to try again? It's a fairly obscure, but very fitting, reference.


is there anything you own that isn't named? I might feel wierd about going to the restroom and leaking into something w/ a proper name :oP