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Oh my.....

I came across an ad for this earlier....

I wonder if he comes with accessories or any play areas (Golgotha perhaps?) and if they make other figures... maybe the Pope with his Pope-mobile that sprays oil slicks and holy water at evil doers... what about his arch enemy? Still though he seems like a somewhat boring toy to play with. Hello, its God, the all mighty and all that Jazz, granted this is the weaker mortal version, but still even if you kill him he comes back.... What's his secret weakness? A hammer and nails?

This is just too scary. You just know that somewhere out there, there's a family of religious fanatics giving their kids Ye Olde' Buddy Christ to play with instead of Power Rangers. I may be a bit of a toy snob... (ok I am a major toy snob, but hey, I grew up with the REAL Transformers and Voltron etc... back in the heady days of excess when a 4" tall G I Joe warranted a 9' long aircraft carrier) but I just cringe at the thought of someone actually playing with this....


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