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User Number: 364768
Date Created:2001-10-09
Number of Posts: 596

DragonVPM spends his days managing problems with his various projects. He builds, designs, and modifies cars, computers, buildings, and anything else that needs a few new features. He is an excellent driver, a habitual tinkerer and only slightly evil. He enjoys putting damsels in distress (and then rescuing them) and can often be found getting into and out of random mischief and mayhem.
Strengths: physical strength, exceptional night vision, story-telling, quick wit, perpetual amusement, patience, possession of many fine toys, talks to animals
Weaknesses: attention span measured in nanoseconds, moody, hopelessly romantic, painfully light-sensitive, powerless to resist old cars, pretty & eccentric girls, and new toys
Special Skills: Looks intimidating, master of the duck tape, kludger extraordinaire
Weapons: big ass boots, knives and stabbing weapons, Zhaan, menacing glare, fearsome growl, twist ties, Legos, and Hot Wheels, countless power tools
A/K/A: Morpheus, Victor, Don Juan de No Morales, "that big guy", weirdo, and <expletive deleted>

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