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I need a drink....

... and it's not even noon .... that can't be good....

Well, I just got to have fun stopping an argument between my mom and one of her friends (ex-friend now?).

I would just like to say


Now I know why my parents don't have friends. They are piss poor judges of character and then they get annoyed when people fail to live up to their expectations.

So, my mom's friend has a daughter. This daughter is renting one of our duplexes. This weekend, they told my folks that their A/C unit crapped out. Ok, no big deal, but it's the weekend, so we can't do anything about it until Monday. All right, that's nothing new (my dad is big on keeping his weekends his own as much as possible). So on Monday we sent a worker out to take a look at it. He called us up and asked us to come look at the A/C. I went up first and saw that it was in bad shape. My dad goes up with us a little later and he agress that it's in bad shape. Bad shape as in probably needing to be replaced. It's only a few years old, but stuff like that happens from time to time (it's not quite defective, but certainly not as robust as it probably should be).

Ok, that sucks, well we call up the A/C company and since it's summer and they're busy, they can't make it out until Tuesday. All right. They send a guy out first thing in the morning and he checks it out and comes to the same conclusion that we had, the whole thing needs to be replaced. Not a big deal, so he goes back to his shop and talks to the owner and the owner calls us up late Tuesday saying it'll be $____, however my dad isn't around to give the ok on it. He calls up the A/C folks Wednesday morning and says "ok, sounds fine, go ahead and do the work". It gets scheduled tor this morning. It's not a blazing fast response, but it's in the realm of reasonable.

So at 9:15, my mom's friend shows up and asks about what's going on with the A/C. My mom tells her that it'll be replaced today, but that's not good enough for this lady. She wants to know when they'll be there. My mom tells her that she's not sure. The lady then pulls out the "My daughter has been without A/C for 8 days"

eh? Saturday =1, Sunday = 2, Monday = 3, Tuesday = 4, Wednesday = 5, Thursday = 6

Oh wait, apparently the daughter told her mom that they had been without A/C since Thursday. This annoyed my mom a bit. This is about where I came into the picture. I'm sitting at my desk going over some figures and notcing how sore I am after yesterday's Yoga (e.g. reach for soda, wince slightly, stretch, repeat), I'd been listening to the conversation, but that's when I notice that voices are rising in volume and shrillness. Not good. I get up and go see what's going on and my mom's friend is coming up with all kinds of random annoying statements that are pissing my mom off. After a couple of minutes of watching this I step in between my mom and her friend in an attempt to cool things off and stop the arguement, but my mom's friend keeps at it and my mom is getting angried and angrier. Well after a few more minutes of this she annoyed me because she was being purposely dense and stupid. I ended up really bitching her out and explaining what was going on etc.. in my best "Are you really that stupid and obnoxious?" tone of voice.

Finally after about 15 minutes I got her to back down and acknowledge that she had been quite a bit out of line (like a few miles past it in fact). My mom had disappeared at that point so her friend left grumbling that she was sure they weren't going to show up today. I closed the door and went to find my mom. I found her really frustrated and venting at my dad. We talked it over a little and my mom seems to be ok, but I was genuinely annoyed by this lady.

Oh, and the A/C guys showed up about 10 minutes after she showed up.

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