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Small changes...

...seem to always make me feel better during weird times.

I seem to have wandered into a time of major ups and downs in life. Stuff is either really annoying, or quite pleasant, no real in betweens. I'm either feeling quite cool about what I've accomplished, or wanting to smack my head into a wall and see if I can knock some sense into me... Philosophically I've always strived for either marvelous successes or spectacular failures... or as my friend Charlie used to say "If I'm going to fuck up, I'm going to do it at 100mph." Still though, I think I would like to feel more balanced about stuff. Life feels like it's a bit out of control right now and I feel like I'm just reacting to how it's careening about...

So what small change did I enact? Well, I had an actual full beard for most of the summer. I liked it and I think that it looked good, but it was getting a good bit scraggly at this point and it was getting boring. I just shaved it back down to a very trimmed goatee.

I think this was the grooming equivalent a feng shui.... Now let's just hope it works....

If it doesn't, I might have to start re-arranging the furniture :-p.