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I hate clowns....

In a few minutes I get to head out so I can deposit my paycheck (checking account is getting a bit empty) and pick up drinks for Ruben & Victoria's joint birthday parties. Her b-day is the 27th (and she is now 6), his is the first (he'll be 35). It's going to be mostly a kids party with obligatory appearances by all the family. I'm actually ok with that since kids parties tend to have better sweet stuff than grown up parties, but....

...they hired a magician clown....

Clowns are evil.

Someone should make a Quake/Doom like game with lots of evil looking clowns. They should look like the ones from Killer Klowns from Outer Space. That would amuse me to no end.

Now where'd I leave the holy water and my stakes.... :)

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