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Christmas is just around the corner....

Now here's something that might be cool to have: Ford Landspeeder

Hmmm.... something fun to contemplate replicating someday if a random boring car comes into my clutches


Saw that on /. Quite cool! :)
Yeah, someone posted that on gearheads too.

It's not 100% jaw droppingly awesome, but it's a cool idea. I've also seen a Star Trek shuttlepod built in a similar fashion (although they used a minivan of some sort).

I think the speeder would be cool, but maybe it would help if it was either made as a unique speeder (i.e. not the one Luke had) or if it had more/better details. This version seems to me like a "first draft" or something not quite finished...
Oh, the Star Trek shuttlepod sounds interesting!


had a momentary vision of me selling ecco90 on ebay like that. Now I'm depresed. grr. what a dumb thing to be depressed about. like it would EVER happen. sheesh!

Re: gah.

I think I know what you mean though. There's something depressing about thinking about giving up something you put so much effort into and knowing that the next owner won't ever be quite as obsessive about it as you are/were.