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Halloween Rant

Ok, so I've noticed some folks commenting about the day (people came down on both sides) and I had a couple of conversations about it earlier, so let me just say, for the record:

I really really like Halloween

I'm one of those lucky people that tends to do what he likes and what he likes tends to have a strong Halloween influence all year round. This isn't all that obvious to the casual observer (think stealth spook ;), but its there.Come Halloween though, I like seeing people dress up and act goofy. I don't really dress up too much since I pretty much always go as the "Big Bad" (Buffy refrence to those of you clueless folks out there). From time to time, I like showing of my "Master of Disguise" skills and I do dress up for the random party here and there, but for the most part, I enjoy getting to stare at people as openly as they usually stare at me ;).

I like that this is one of the few holidays that isn't full of syrupy, sappy, love, happiness, and kumbaya silliness. I love and cherish the people close to me all year round, I don't need a holiday to kickstart my karma, and while I do like some aspects of most holidays I find most of them hideously boring. Halloween is the only one that I can sit back and just enjoy all the way through.


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