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I seem to have disagreed with something I ate.

I feel not good.

Normally I'd pass out and all would be good, but this is one of those times of ick when sleep probably isn't going to happen for a while...

Unless I crack open that bottle of 20 some odd year old scotch....


Oh dear, what did you eat?

Hope you feel better soon.
Heh, I'm starting to think it was a psychosomatic reaction so that I could avoid doing something unpleasant.

It might not be, but all things considered I would rather be able to just get over it than to have to actually get better.

Right now I'm mostly just sniffly, sore throaty, and a bit achy. I'm hoping a good night's rest will put me back on my feet fully (and it might even get me day-shifted again, woo-hoo :).
i dont think drinking on a queasy stomach'd be a good idea :x.

but nyquil does wonders!
Actually it depends on what and how much I drink.

If I drink enough to get me a tiny bit buzzed, I'm ok (mostly because I don't get hungover). If I drink a lot though, it would be a very Bad Thing (tm).... I wasn't planning on getting totally smashed though :).

However, since I posted that, I took your advice and Nyquil has made me quite happy the last couple of days (it's that mellow not quite buzzed/stoned feeling that modern OTC meds can provide :).


let's become cough-syrup conoisseurs

(personally, i prefer nyquil pills)