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Random thought....

...it's a little disconcerting to be reading about Yoga and then constantly finding myself picturing Yogi Bear when I read about a Yogi. I think this may be indicative of either significant immaturity (not neccesarilly a bad thing ;) or limited tolerance for excessive philosophizing about these things.

I seem to work better at eastern philosophies if they are explained in terms of "you want to do _____ and feel ____" as opposed to "____ shows you the connection to the energies in the world and you want to become one with it" blah blah blah. That's not to say that those deeper concepts are false, just that they don't do anything for me when I'm learning how to contort myself into new positions or how to throw punches and kicks (in non-Yoga classes) etc....


Best comment I heard about yoga recently was somthing along the lines of "In every day life and in sports you do, you have imbalances and work certain parts of your body more than others. Yoga is a way to even out the imbalances so that your body is working at its most efficient." Apparently, yoga master Rodney Yee just wrote a book about yoga for sports people and he did a cool interview on a radio show that was more tangible than some of the spiritual stuff.
Why do all of my friends do yoga? Is this just the old cranky version of xtreme sports? Am I destined to take yoga classes as well? Hmmmmm.

So far, I seem to get the same effect (being stretched, centered, calm, etc) from swimming, which doesn't involve a class. But I can't put my feet behind my head.
there was something on CNN last week or so (i was listening, not watching) about a study that showed that stretching/warming up isn't as important in preventing injury as previously believed.. of course these were probably the same scientists that thought Olestra's side effects would be minimal (WRONG!) haha...

I don't expect to be putting my feet anywhere near the back of my head anytime soon.

I think Yoga's appeal is that it's very easy to get into, but it will remain challenging indefinitely. Personally I like it because I was able to get into it and do relatively well despite being hidesously out of shape. A lot of other things (e.g. martial arts, swimming, etc...) require some minimum level of phsycial condition before you can jump right in and do a fair amount of work.

Yoga is nice and no impact, but it has the potential to be quite challenging. I never really thought I'd dig Yoga, but after a couple of classes, I think it's definitely something to check out if you're ever looking for something relaxing but useful to do a couple of times a week. It's not going to replace my other exercise type activities, but it's something that I've enjoyed working in.