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So yesterday was an odd day.

I was fiddling with the computers so I ended up networking Moya and Lucien together and disconnecting from the net. Well actually I did that Saturday night but I just didn't feel like reconnecting the cable modem all day yesterday. Amazingly enough, I got some stuff done. How novel.

I had a fight with the parental units when we went out to lunch. One of these days I will learn to not only see that a topic of conversation is a Very Bad Idea (tm) but I will also be able to not go there. Until then, I think I will studiously avoid talking to them about anything that isn't immediately important (i.e. work). Fortunately they both seem to have gotten over it now so things are back to (ab)normal and only the usual tensions exist.

I'm about 97% not sick today. I took some generic dayquil just so I could be sure to not be sniffly or coughy. I think I've decided (possibly again) that kinda sorta taking care of myself isn't working out. I need to make a concerted effort to be healthy or else stuff like this is going to keep happening. I may be feeling not sick, but what bugs me is that I'm not feeling well. I feel icky and I can tell that it's a more fundamental thing. It's me, I'm not well and it's really messing with me. I think that my attempts at working out and being helathier are showing me just how far I've come (negatively) in the last few years.

Last week was sheer hell because I felt like I needed to go out and do something with myself, but my body made it clear that anything other than passing out in bed or the couch would leave me passed out on the floor. The one good thing about yesterday's arguement is that when I did finally get home and away from the folks, I had the urge to do something and that translated into working on the cars for a while and finally getting Audrey and Molly nice and clean again. I rand out of some car stuff before I was 100% done, but it felt good to be out and moving around etc...

I'm not cut out for being a slug....

Speaking of not being a slug, I'm going to go do a bunch of work stuff now.



Usted malo too mucho

do you realize that this is like the 3rd time you've been under the weather this year so far? Or at least since about March? I remember because you were sick about the same 2 times that Suki was sick and I joked about how it was an eerie coincidence :oP

Here's what's funny....I'm not exactly a model of good health, I smoke more than I should and I don't put much effort into staying in shape, yet, in the last 8 months, I've only been sick once...a slight cold that I got when you and Suki were sick, but it only lasted 'bout 4 days hahahaha... i'ma be the type of person that smokes for 50 years, eat whatever I want and like my grandpa, at worse have bad knees at 90. :oP

Re: Usted malo too mucho

Dude, you also have very serious migranes on a regular basis and you're already on medication for your blood pressure. I seem to recall that before the medication you had mentioned feeling really bad at times....

Regardless of how amusing you find it that I've been sniffly a few times this year, the fact remains that smoking and being out of shape are great ways to seriously shorten your lifespan. Yeah, you might live to be 90 and only have bad knees, but you could also develop any number of fun cancers and related problems and the odds aren't in favor of the first option.


Yeah, being a slug sucks. I'm still oozing out of my grad-school-induced laziness, but it feels SO much better already. Are you at least over the old insomnia thing? Sleep is probably #1 for making you feel better! Oh, and get a flu shot.

Re: Sluglicious

I'm somewhat over it. I tend to be tired enough after work and (occasionally) working out on most days so that I can pass out quickly enough, but I still do't sleep well or as much as I should.

I'm working on it though :). I think a big part of getting myself healthy is going to be learning to deal with stress better. I suspect that my recent sniffles were at least partially a result of stressing over stuff.

It was easier to deal with stress in hell. I could always just say "fuck it" and move on, but now, stress and stress causing agents are a bit harder to get away from. I think I've found some good options though... Now just to not procrastinate on the health stuff.... :-/