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I don't bend that way...

Yoga was fun. Many cute girls to admire and my body seems to be quite eager to get significantly more flexible.... It's not eager to have me put my feet behind my head, but I'm ok with that. I can live without getting to be quite that flexible ;). I'm also not so sure that I want to be able to drop down from standing into a split in more or less one motion. I'm still debating the pros and cons of actually being able to do a split again.

I'm enjoying class. Of course it does help that I got to meet and help one of the girls in class who was having car troubles. There was short in her car's electrical system and it was having issues running but a little creative rewiring and I got it to work well enough for her to make it home. She'll need to take it in to have a real mechanic fiddle with it tomorrow, but I like getting to be Macguyver-ish, especially when it gets me a new friend who has offered to buy me dinner some night (woo-hoo, I get to feel cool, and I get free food and good company, score).

My movie watching for the evening was: The action scenes in Blade II before class and afterwards Sphere, Count of Monte Cristo and I may or may not watch either the new Collector's Edition of Pulp Fiction, or U.S. Marshals. So it'll either be a Wesley Snipes double feature or a Samuel L. Jackson night with some random swashbuckling sword fights and lots of neat costumes. All in all though a totally relaxed and non-stressful evening and a pleasant time out at the gym....

Now though I'm sore so it's time for ye olde OTC pain killers

'night all

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