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Geek is as Geek does or something....

I was sitting at my drawing up some schematics for the new wiring scheme in the house and it occurred to me, this is just really scary and geeky. You know in my profile how I say that my computers change stats frequently etc...? Well I'm in the mood to rewire part of the network, re-arrange some components and computers, and also (finally) get all the cable in the house hooked up to TVs and VCRs (most of these things are pretty old, for some odd reason electronics last forever in this house ;).

This re-org kick is partially a result of last night, when I realized that I only had 1 TV hooked up to cable and that its not in the office, so I often sit here listening to the TV in another room and that's just silly since I do have the cables etc... I just hadn't gotten around to it (story of my life, I know). Its not such a big deal normally (since I usually only watch 1 TV at a time), but I never have liked not getting everything working to its full potential (i.e. making sure all the various functions of all my toys work).

I also acquired some nifty new items that I'm incorporating into the whole system... (along with some cool new decorations). I'll put up more info and possibly some pictures when things are in place, for now I'll just say they're cool (but slightly scary) toys from my perspective ;).

Oh, and the LJ update program isn't working and that is mildly irksome. Correction, the LJ software is being mildly wonky... some weirdness with my passwd, but everything seems to be ok now.... probably just my computer flexing its bad digital mojo