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TV Schedule

Hmmm... the newspaper actually turned out to have the most useful information in one place. Nifty

It's kind of neat. For the longest time (like say 24 of my 26 years) there was never more than one or two TV shows on at once that I was actually rather interested in watching and until I got into Buffy & Farscape a few years ago, I never even made the effort to watch them. I was always going "oh right, I heard about that show, it sounded good but I had something else to do when it was on.... you know umm... sitting in my room counting the ceiling tiles". Now, the networks seem to be on a big sci-fi/fantasy kick and I dig that.

Let's see what shows will I be checking out (at least initially) this season:

Simpsons - Fox, 7pm, 11/3
Angel - WB, 10pm, 10/6

Everwood - UPN, 10pm, 9/17 - Saw this last night, very smarmy/happy/cheesy but I liked it. I think this will be my gratuitously guilty-pleasure-y show for the season.

Buffy - UPN, 7pm, 9/24
Haunted - UPN, 8pm, 9/24
Gilmore Girls - WB, 9pm, 9/24 - I'd like to claim that I'd turn the TV off for an hour between shows, but this show is amusing and with the probable TV inertia I'll probably watch it ;)
Smallville - WB, 10pm, 9/24

Enterprise - UPN, 7pm, 9/18
Twilight Zone - UPN, 8pm 9/18
Dawson's Creek - WB, 9pm 10/2 - Uh.... no. Sorry, there is no amount of TV inertia in the world to make me sit and watch that. I think I'll just schedule vacuuming and general cleaning and listening to music for that hour.
Birds of Prey - WB, 10pm, 10/9 - This may get dropped if it's too lame or too annoyingly feminist-y (i.e. if all the guys are idiots and all the girls are hot and totally with it). It also has to deal with the possibility that I'll wander away from the TV to avoid Dawson and not get around to coming back after an hour.

Dinotopia - ABC, 7pm, 10/10 - Wow, the first and only show from the big 3 networks. They really do need to get a clue about programming. Hopefully this show will deliver.

Firefly - Fox, 7pm, 9/20 - Joss Whedon's new show. Probably the only show on this list that I'm going to give a chance based solely on who's making it.

200 channels and nothing's on.

Hmmm... and that's it so far. Junkyard Wars will probably be squeezed in there at some point along with Good Eats and hopefully Farscape, but those are cable shows. The current scheduling though has made me happy with Time-Warner (my cable company). They may be a big evil corporation but they're making it possible for me to rot my brain in front of the TV with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle ;)

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