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Halloween Scare Toll

Almost forgot, this was a relatively uneventful All Hallow's Eve (is that the correct way to say that?). I have Zhaan to think for that. She's a big black Labrador retriever and her bark is hugely worse than her bite. She does quite a good hell hound act whenever people get anywhere near my front door so that cuts down on random folks coming and knocking. I did however get to scare a few people who were being obnoxious and parking in my driveway.

I swear, I will never understand folks. I live in a somewhat sparsely occupied street, and there are loads of parking spaces nearby (people from Boston can smack me for that comment ;). So why is it that some doofus has to park in my driveway such that I can't get my car out? I had to do the Big Bad routine in my fuzzy Taz slippers, but it worked and he moved his car with minimal grumbling.

So - yeah, Zhaan spooked a good 10-15 people, and I spooked 2. Not an entirely unproductive evening ;)


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