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Halloween Scare Toll

Almost forgot, this was a relatively uneventful All Hallow's Eve (is that the correct way to say that?). I have Zhaan to think for that. She's a big black Labrador retriever and her bark is hugely worse than her bite. She does quite a good hell hound act whenever people get anywhere near my front door so that cuts down on random folks coming and knocking. I did however get to scare a few people who were being obnoxious and parking in my driveway.

I swear, I will never understand folks. I live in a somewhat sparsely occupied street, and there are loads of parking spaces nearby (people from Boston can smack me for that comment ;). So why is it that some doofus has to park in my driveway such that I can't get my car out? I had to do the Big Bad routine in my fuzzy Taz slippers, but it worked and he moved his car with minimal grumbling.

So - yeah, Zhaan spooked a good 10-15 people, and I spooked 2. Not an entirely unproductive evening ;)


I feel blessed... :o) Zhaan barks at Shirley, but as soon as she sees me she usually starts wagging her tail and generally stops barking. Guess with her canine sense of smell, she picks up my ciggy stink right away :oP

I seriously don't doubt she can scare away folk, but oh she is such a puuuurddy and gentle girl once you get to know her hehe...definitly a huggable hellhound. especially compared to my viscious, man eating chihuahua/ratdog Shylo around whom one must be VERY careful where one steps lest you wish to lose a toe hehe :oP