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Moody moody moody...

I need to clean my house.

The tower of dew in my window finally came tumbling down.... fortunately I was not at my desk when it did. I think it's time to come up with a new window treatment. Any suggestions?

I really really can't wait for my vacation at this point. I need to get away. This is the longest that I've ever been stuck in one place working with no significant breaks. Definitely read to go out and "walk da earth" even if it is just for a couple of weeks. I've been missing some folks a lot recently.

The cats are getting fixed next week (the 25th to be exact). This is cause for much rejoicing. Soon they'll be allowed out into the rest of the house again (they've mostly been quarantined after a particularly bad bout of spraying and yowling).

I'm going to go and be productive-ish for a while.


My condolensces on the tower of dew. Damn does that chair look comfortable. Do you ever get out of it once you get in? The fact that I have a horrible desk chair and no air conditioning are the only 2 reasons I ever leave my office. :)

Do you drink soda in bottles? Try pealing off the label and sticking it on the window, after a while, you'll have a nice layered stain glass look.

I've inhaled too much gasoline. That is all I can come up with right now.
looking at the picture of "then" and how I saw it yesterday, it almost seems like a "What's Different" picture from Highlight.

less computers on that shelf, new big huge black computer...hmm actually I think that's it LOL! The stool and boxes/papers next to the desk are still in the same/close place.

oh and one that's not so obvious...i dont' think the optical mouse is on the desk hahaha
uzzy. paint. poster. leaves. i like light so i've got a gauzy white fabric over mine (i double it for more privacy) but it accumualates cat hair. how come the dew came down? maybe you can turn it into a medicine cabinet. i dunno... hey, it's almost time for halloween. bumper stickers. bamboo mat.

hooray! kitties getting fixed soon!