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I am Tile-Man....

In a display of one of my many super powers I get to spend the next couple of days or so laying ceramic tile in a couple of the new duplexes. If I remember correctly that'll be a little bit more than 2,000 SF of tile. My back is going to hate me come wednesday or so.

It doesn't help that I was up until around 4am ish because I was just to lame to go to bed at a normal hour.




so you basically have no moral high-ground from which to harass me about saturday night... that wasn't even a work night!


au contraire

I do have amoral high-ground from which to harass you.

(Was that a typo? ;)

Specifically, I was awake because I have insomnia and sometimes, I just can't sleep. At one point I was sitting in my living room watching Alien Ressurection and kinda wishing I was sleepy/sleeping.

So, I say :-p to not sleeping

suddenly the inherent coolness of my job is pointed out to me...

90% of my assignments have great refrigerated a/c, 50% of my day is spent trying NOT to fall asleep, maybe only 10% or less of my students are "bad", and sometimes, like today, I get paid a full-days pay for what's technically a full-day job, even though I woke up at 9:45am and don't have to be at work for another hour and a half. This gives me my minimum 3 days which means that if I didn't want to, I could not accept any more assignments this week, but if I do, it's all frosting on the cake :oP


Eh, personally I like my job and I consider it to be infinitely cooler than any always inside job.

*shrugs* I dunno, but I'm quite ok working outside, being active and being able to see the results of my work. I mean, yeah, I'll be tired as hell tonight, but I'll also be able to look at the duplex and see a substantial improvement in it's condition as well as knowing that I am largely responsable for it getting built in the first place.

To each his/her own I guess.

Re: Well....

well, when it's slow you can take trips away from work (ie to B&B or Compusa)...DAMN YOU!! haha

gargoyle very cool
I like your new user pic.

Personally, I prefer a desk job, just because I hate coming home with a sore body. Often, though, I don't get to see results like you do. Seeing the direct results makes it all worth it.
Thanks :). I just randomly found a good gargoyle picture on my hard drive. I photoshopped it a little bit and voila.....

Mind you, I have nothing against being at a desk (like say right now ;), but there is something to be said for work that leaves you tired in that good sweaty, I've done something physical sort of way...

I guess it helps that I grew up really appreciating the very cool feeling you get after working hard all day and getting home, kicking off your boots and just flopping down on the couch/bed. I get the same feeling after working on the cars, or even after a good hard workout.

I have no desire to be out working in the hot sun digging ditches all day every day, but it's cool being able to go out and do manual stuff, save a fat wad of money doing it yourself and also know that I'm able to do it better than most folks. It's the cool "eat your heart out Bob Villa" feeling. I guess I just really like knowing that I can do anything from complicated legal maneuvering and system maintenance all the way down to hard manual labor.