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best (and not so best) laid plans

For lack of some stick-tile-to-floor stuff (the correct name is escaping me at the moment) we postponed the tiling until tomorrow mornning. That's cool. This means that if I sneak out to the duplex a little early, I can put the radio on to my music and the workers can just get over it (I'm in no rush to listen to Spanish radio all day long). I also get to run out, deliver some bills and generally not get too stressed out today. All of which sits very well with me.

Now just to find (yet another) good fan for Lucien. His case is getting to be very annoying. I'd read some reviews citing heating problems, but this is getting silly. I figure another couple of fans should do it though. I finally figured out what the air circulation problem was and I think I know how to fix it now. Joy.

<gadget plug>
Last Friday, I realized that ye olde Palm Vx was crapping out (or at least it's digitzer was) so I shopped around for a couple of days and decided to jump ship and buy a Treo 90 When I first saw it, I had my doubts about the keyboard, but a quick trip to InCompUSA and about 15 minutes trying out the floor model convinced me that with a minimal amount of practice I could probably get quite good at typing quickly on it. I'm not often really impressed by gadgets like this, but I have to give Handspring credit for coming up with something that can even be used by those of us that don't have the daintiest of digits. I found a place that had a sale on them and now I just have to wait a week or so for UPS ground to get it to me. I could have bought it right here, but I suspect that I'd rather have the $80+ difference and wait a week.

I'm also considering grabbing either a Canon Elph S330 or the newer (but poorly numbered) S230. The S330 has a lower max resolution but better zoom capabilities, the S230 has quite a bit better max resolution, but somewhat less good zoom. Both are in the same ballpark of prices and I've been saving up for a new small digital camera. I've missed the old days when I would constantly carry around my snapshot camera in my backpack and take tons of pictures. I'm still waffling over which I want to get though.
</gadget plug>

Decisions decisions.... I'm off to do work now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled friend's page viewing.

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