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Mid-week update: snip snip...

Well the girls (i.e. Pixel and Morticia) are in the shop getting some work done. This means that tomorrow (once they stop impersonating furry throw rugs thanks to the anasthesia) I should be able to lift their quarantine and let them run around the entire house again without worrying about my clothes, computers, bed, furniture, etc... getting sprayed with unpleasant cat stuff. Tish was unthrilled when she got shoved into the carrier. Having Pixel dropped onto her head made her even crankier. After a while though they settled down and they made it to the vet intact. Pixel had a few bouts of yowling and looking pathetic and upset in the carrier but I ignored them (mean cat father that I am) Tish just scowled at me and plotted my demise....

I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't talking to me for the next couple of weeks. Heh, it's (quite literally) their loss ;) hehehe.

We finally got the mortar for the floor yesterday and I got about half of one of the living rooms done. I'll post pictures when we're done. I'm going to go out again shortly and get back to work on that, but I wanted to let the workers make some progress on cleaning the jobsites here so that we can put in a draw on the "Clean Up-Framing/Sht.Rk" items. I also have to make some calls in order to look at the viability of a new nefarious and lucrative scheme (details to be forthcoming at a later date). I'm being a reasonably productive member of society this morning. Perhaps I'm coming down with something.

I missed the LJ meetup last night. Dave & Jenny tried to get a hold of me, but I was holed up away from phones most/all of the night. I was just really not in any sort of mood to deal with people or leaving my lair last night. Call it ultra-uber-hermit mode. I turned the ringers off, locked the doors, turned off the lights and watched the stereo lights dance around for a good long while. There were probably a handful off people I would have wanted to chill with and talk-to/vent-at, but none of them are in this half of the country and I wasn't feeling pro-phone so I ended up just sulking about, listening to music and brooding.

I did manage to watch Buffy though. One must have straight priorities in life ;).

I'm just in a weird and not particularly good mood. It probably doesn't help that the new toys I picked up will not be here for one to three+ weeks. I got some really really really good deals on them, but the trade off was getting them right away. Yeah, I'm one of those people who feels better playing with new toys. It's probably not healthy, but since I do tend to work my ass off to have $$ to spend on toys, I figure it's not that horrible. In the meantime, I did manage to do some random stuff that I'd been putting off.

Important stuff like painting my new-old work lunchbox (very similar to the one Herman Munster had ;). And adding fans to the old computers. This weekend I'm quite possibly going to take a stab at building my new murphy bed/bookshelves in the library/guest room...




Ok, going to be productive now... or at least I'll stop being </lj-unproductive>....



Ooh, suspicious organ removal!

Can I do the surgery next time? On the cats.

Re: Surgery

Out of curiosity what suspcious bits were you planning on removing from my cats "next" time? AFAIK, the ones that were removed were the only offending bits...

They do have a semi Franken-kitty look to them from where they got shaved, opened, and patched. I don't think they'll be in any rush to go back to the vet... ever. I'm quite pleased that I won't have any more horny yowling cats in the house though. Yowling is evil.