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By popular demand....

Tonight was pretty good.

Dave came over and I ended up making quesadillas which went over well. Yeah, I like cooking for/with people when they are around. I often don't cook for myself. I can be a surprisingly social animal.

We watched the Rookie. I think that fulfilled my quota of sappy Disney movies for the next few weeks (at least until I get the new copy of Beauty and the Beast on DVD). Yeah, I can be a total sentimental dweeb, it's part of my charm :). I wonder if A has been affecting my choice in movies. Used to be my movie collection was basically action with a random comedy thrown in but I find that it's a lot more kid friendly lately. It's still definitely leaning towards big booming surround sounding using movies, but there are also quite a few random indie films and kids movies in there now. Hmmmm... one of these days I'll get around to writing out my movie list again. I might also watch Gross Anatomy later (very amusing movie from back in the day).

Dave and I debated various relationship issues that came up wrt to our exes and I came away with some new thoughts about how I dealt with X. Having to defend oneself from criticism is a good way to bury doubt and uncertainty. I'm certainly no saint, but I feel better now that I was able to at least explain what happened with her. I also have a much better idea of what I'm looking for in the ideal woman (at least the abstract concept of the ideal one). I may ramble about that later if I'm feeling unsleepy.

Random unsettling thing from this week (so far): My mom pointed out that I actually have a gray hair in my goatee. I know I have had one or two random grays (or at least folks playing with my hair have claimed to find them as they yank them out... perhaps they're just torturing me ;), but this is the first facial gray and it's the first gray that is actually still attached to me. This is significant because if I follow my dad's pattern of gray, that'll mean my beard/goatee will be white well before my hair is much beyond salt and pepper. Yes, we are talking about 40 or so years down the line, but something about having my mom (of all people) point out the lone gray hair in my goatee is kinda weird.

Surprisingly enough, I've been feeling a lot more energetic and less draggy lately. The moods are definitely in an upswing right now. Oh and some random potentially very groovy home news (TBA)....


Eh, Jared's mom points out his gray hairs, too. He usually has one gray hair on his head at any one time and somehow his mom finds it and points it out. *shrug*
That seems to be a very mom-like thing to do. I think they have built in radar for these things.

I think it was only a bit traumatic this time because it was the first time that it happened and I hadn't had anyone make allegations about gray hairs in a while :)


when I started hanging out w/ suki the 2nd time, she started pointing out grays... yet, I don't see any anywhere on my cabeza anymore... hmmmm hahahahaha I knew it...it's not us..it's the women! The women are doing this to us!! hahaha

i often get blonde hairs on my chin that look a little gray but upclose you can tell they're blonde, not white hehe

Re: Coincidence?

Eh, my family starts getting grays in their early 20s and then its a very slow process of graying through the 60s where the hair is still more pepper than salt.

I can live with that.

Re: Coincidence?

well, if things go as I hope, I shouldn't really start seeing much gray until I'm in my 60s-70s. My grandpa had all black hair until he was about 75 or so. All but one of my uncles (40s-60s) have black black hair so odds are in my favor. And, none of them have ANY sort of balding at all... I'll take some gray over an funky George Costanza-esque bald spot any day hehe

Re: Coincidence?

and I won't ask "What are the odds of the Costanza-esque balding" because those types of questions just set me up for crap haha
cathy's had random white hairs since she was 10. the trauma of being the youngest, i guess.


You older siblings drive us younger siblings to an early grave (or at least an early gray ;)

old and grey

Both of you have dark hair, so when the grey hair shows up it really SHOWS UP. I, on the other hand, may just look like I'm going blonde. That's pretty much how my mom's hair went...

Nyah Nyah!

Re: old and grey

That may be true, but at least I don't sunburn so :-p

Besides, I kind of like the idea of having a little bit of gray for the occasionally useful distinguished look ;)