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It's Friday...

... clearly that means it's time for a fight with my dad. We had a long discussion about management and how our styles differ etc... and as usual he managed to throw in plenty of obnoxious comments while simultaneously being greatly hurt with some of my responses. Bleh. We also talked about my ideas for houses (specifcally building my spooky old house instead of buying one) and he was very "that's not going to work" about several things. I think I would say that, at times, my dad can be very supportive in spite of himself. Today was not one of those times.

<mantra>I will learn to identify points of disagreement, and I will learn to leave them alone</mantra>

In other news, I am discovering just how annoying it can be to change bank accounts. I was going to buy a permanent account right now but paypal is still catching up. Had I thought ot this yesterday, I could have left my old acct open, but I just closed it yesterday and I'd been a goof and I didn't do paypal stuff with the new account until this morning. I need to remember to change the draw stuff from the gym and for one of my student loans.... Hmmm I better do that on Monday. None of this is a Big Deal, but I hadn't really thought about all the stuff that I use my bank acct for. Oh well...

Today has been 100% productivity-free!


I will learn to identify points of disagreement, and I will learn to leave them alone

Uh-huh. Yeah. And I'll learn to keep my mouth shut too. Right.
Of course, the big problem is that while I could care less when a random person is wrong about something, I feel compelled to tell my dad when he's going to do things that might be not-so-well thought out....

It's my job to make sure things run smoothly and get done the best way possible with minimal hassles from outside sources, unfortunately that seems to require that I go toe to toe with my dad on a regular basis.

I sooooooooooooooooooooooo wish I could find a way to get myself back to Boston and living comfortably (i.e. not living the glamorous life of a college student).