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Shake your groove thing....

Just got back from a night out dancing with Gina, Shannon, Martin & Dave.

It was much fun and once again proves that the coolest days/nights happen when you don't plan them. Dave came over around 8, we chilled for a bit, watched a bit of Shrek on HBO then headed out to VI so that I could grab dinner. While there I had the brilliant idea to hit the OP and see what was up. We went and ran into the other folks there and I ended up dancing a good portion of the night (there was an awesome mix of good dance music and neat 80s stuff). I got to talk to Gina a good bit and be friendly and social with some very cool folks. We hit Denny's afterwards and had one of those cool 4am conversation where everyone is involved and everyone has fun.

All in all, a very cool night.

We must have more nights like that.

I'm beat. I was going to go to the gym in the a.m., but that's certainly not happening at this point. Right now all I can think about is brushing teeth, kicking off boots and going thud on my bed.


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