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Shoe Quiz (because you all need to know about this, really)

(lifted from jetgrrl01)

1. What size shoe do you wear?
Probably 12.5 wide, but since no one actually makes those I go with 13 and those fit about right.

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
More than most guys I think. Although in my defense that's largely due to owning lots of boots that get scuffed. They're still quite serviceable, but they tend to not look spiffy, so I end up getting a new pair "nice" boots (code for work boots that still haven't seen too much work ;). As proof of this, I only have 2 actual pairs of dress shoes, one of which I've had since high school.... Mighty long answer for what should have been a simple number response ;)

3. What type of shoe do you prefer (boots, sneakers, pumps, etc.)?
Boots, big ol' boots suitable for stomping on things :)

4. Describe your favorite pair of shoes. Why are they your favorite?
My old biker boots (a/k/a engineer boots). I got them in high school and they're quite well broken in at this point. They're not the most practical boots, but they just look damn nifty.and they are amazingly comfortable. Throw in a steel toe and they are all around good boots.

5. What's the most you've spent on one pair of shoes?
About $110.00 for a pair of black Timberland hiking boots. They're the only pair of boots that ever fit 100% perfectly when I bought them. They're the most comfortable boots I've ever had (still have them in fact ;)

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