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Holy Real Estate Batman....

So, a while ago, I mentioned that there was a house I was looking at that I sort of liked, except for the neighborhood. Well, Saturday, after work (yes, work), I went out for a drive. I checked out the jobsite that's a bit farther away from the office and then managed to wander out to look at houses again. I sort of meandered my way to the house again, and this time I noticed that it was actually in a not bad neighborhood. It's surrounded by less than stellar neighborhoods, but the house itself is in an older neighborhood with lots of trees and reasonably well kept houses. It's not one of the ritzy neighborhood's in the city, but it could be. The only thin missing is the property values and the prententious people living there ;).

It got me thinking and I mentioned it to my folks. We drove by on Sunday and to my amazement, my dad actually thought it was a good deal. Now, I'm quite capable of making decisions on my own and such, but my dad tends to be a bit of a curmudgeon about some things. We're often at odds because I'm quite a bit of the dreamer and he's very much the "both feet firmly planted in the ground" type.... So, the fact that he thought that this house could be a very good deal was something to take note of.

I called the RE on the way home and he wanted to set up a viewing right away. As in right away=last night. I got there about 10 till 7 (the appointed time being 7) but the RE ran into some delays with an open house and I ended up sitting out in the gorgeous porch for about 30 minutes. I love that porch. It runs the entire width of the house and it would make a perfect spot to hang out at. He finally showed up and let us into the house.

I was impressed, but not because of what was actually there, but rather because of what I could imagine there. The house is ginormous. It's a good 3x + bigger than my current place. It's 2 story with a basement and each level is actually bigger than my place. It also has a nice sized backyard for Zhaan, a nice big garage/workshop in the back, and loads of potential for everything else. It would need a fair amount of general work (e.g. massively redoing the kitchen, finishing the basement) to become my ideal house, but it's got a hell of a lot of potential.

I decided to get things moving with it and the RE asked for the seller's disclosure. Hopefully he'll get that today, and he's been talking to the lady that does our financing and things look good on that front. He suggested getting a pre-approval letter before making the offer because that will carry a lot more weight with it. So the financing lady is getting that taken care of. I talked to my folks again this morning and they're being surprisingly supportive of my efforts. We still need to get several things done and various details figured out, but maybe, just maybe I've found a new lair (yikes!). I guess it's time to keep fingers and other appendages crossed).

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