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Attempting to sleep....

This should be fun.

I have a hard enough time sleeping on any normal night. Who knows how soon I'll drift off considering what tomorrow may have in store. What drives me nuts is that I have no clue if what I was thinking of offering is much higher or lower than what the other potential buyer is offering. I'm guessing that it might be higher since it wouldn't make much sense for the seller to counter offer or bother waiting for my offer if the other offer was close to their asking price. Of course then that trick is to guess how low I can make my offer so that it's better than the other, but still relatively low.

Heh, suddenly I kind of wish this worked like eBay so I could just put in my max bid and forget about it. I get one shot at this so I have to weigh the options between a price I like and a price that will get the house. The scary thing being that the numbers I'm throwing around in my head are all varying by multiple Ks... On the one hand it's easy to play with numbers like that, but if I start thinking about what the means in real terms it gets a bit scary....

Not to mention that it's odd doing all this on my own. I was looking at my friends who have houses and everyone more or less got a house as part of a couple so I can't help but think that this would at least give you someone to angst over the "wow"-ness of this with. Then again, <evil smile> if I do get it, I can decorate it the way I want to </evil smile>....

Eh, I'm going to bed now.

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