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The rule of threes....

It just occurred to me that if the rule of threes were to hold, then this might be a good sign for tomorrow.

So far, I've ended up making 2 fairly significant life decisions on a few hours notice.

A) Going to hell - I was a bit undecided about even bothering with the whole application until sometime in April when one of the admissions folks called my counselor and told her that I needed to take my achievement tests in order to have my application considered etc... The last testing date for the year was that following weekend. So my counselor signed me up and I had something like 2 or 3 days to get ready for the tests and I was being stupid so I didn't really prepare. I got lucky though and the tests weren't too tough. I did fairly good and got into hell. I think I found out a few weeks later when the admissions office got the scores. So, an odd note being that I didn't get officially accepted until sometime in May, however I was never actually wait listed because my application was incomplete and even if they wanted to, they couldn't even put my application into that batch.

B) Grad School - I didn't actually finish it due to work and family stuff, but again, I did my application and I was stuck waiting in order to take the grad school tests (which I'm blanking on right now). This time it was even better. I was down to a week in which to take the tests and have my application reviewed. I got a call on Tuesday morning telling me that a spot had opened up..... for that afternoon. I showed up, took the tests totally cold and did well enough to get into grad school. I didn't officially get accepted for about a month though so I ended up getting accepted one or two days before classes started.

C) This house - decide to look at it randomly on Saturday. Find out Monday evening that I have to make an offer by Tuesday. The good thing being that I can make the whole thing contingent on the inspection and whatnot and hopefully it'll be going in with a pre-approval letter which the other offer didn't have so I think I have a good chance of pulling this off, but I can't help but wonder why it is that my life seems to revolve around pressure situations :)

Ok, bed for real now.

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