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72 > 60

Hung out with Dave, showed him the house I'm hoping to buy.

On the way there, I stupidly got a speeding ticket. Doing 72 in a 60. It's my 2nd ticket ever and the first in TX. I can take defensive driving and make it go away but it'll cost $$ and inevitably I'd rather spend the money (and time) on something else. One ticket in 10 years of driving isn't too bad, but still....

I have a very icky feeling in my stomach from that ticket. I think it has something to do with enjoying the fact that I so often got to bend (and occasionally seriously sprain) the law and then feeling amazingly stupid for getting hit with a speeding ticket. Normally I'm very good at catching speed traps, but this time a combination of being tired and talking about the house distracted me enough that Molly got away from me a bit.

On the bright side, the next time I get a call from one of the dozen or so law enforcement charity organizations (inevitably at 7am on a Saturday morning), I can now honestly say "Sorry, I already gave this year" and promptly hang up. Oh, and Dave got to see how I do get a little bit more attention from cops than even he does (I got asked a few questions that he didn't get when he was stopped a while ago). Cops just don't like me and to a large extent, the feeling is mutual.

I'm not going to get off on a rant... at least not right now.

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