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72 > 60

Hung out with Dave, showed him the house I'm hoping to buy.

On the way there, I stupidly got a speeding ticket. Doing 72 in a 60. It's my 2nd ticket ever and the first in TX. I can take defensive driving and make it go away but it'll cost $$ and inevitably I'd rather spend the money (and time) on something else. One ticket in 10 years of driving isn't too bad, but still....

I have a very icky feeling in my stomach from that ticket. I think it has something to do with enjoying the fact that I so often got to bend (and occasionally seriously sprain) the law and then feeling amazingly stupid for getting hit with a speeding ticket. Normally I'm very good at catching speed traps, but this time a combination of being tired and talking about the house distracted me enough that Molly got away from me a bit.

On the bright side, the next time I get a call from one of the dozen or so law enforcement charity organizations (inevitably at 7am on a Saturday morning), I can now honestly say "Sorry, I already gave this year" and promptly hang up. Oh, and Dave got to see how I do get a little bit more attention from cops than even he does (I got asked a few questions that he didn't get when he was stopped a while ago). Cops just don't like me and to a large extent, the feeling is mutual.

I'm not going to get off on a rant... at least not right now.


Go for the defensive driving class. I was in the same situation a couple of years ago, and signed up for the one held at Bowl El Paso. The instructor had a good sense of humor, and kept it interesting. Plus one thing I didn't know before the class, is they give you two forms when you complete. One you give to the court. The other you can give to your insurance agency for a "defense driving class" discount. I did so, and the discount more than paid for the cost of the class.

(although I don't understand how the agency didn't figure out the real reason I took the class, and raise my rates...)
Yeah, the insurance discount is something that I've never understood. I was actually telling Dave that just a few days ago I'd been wondering if I could take defensive driving for the insurance discount and still take it later if I got a ticket (apparently yes, I could have, it's a moot point now though ;).
Maybe you'll get lucky -- a friend of mine went to court to request the defensive driving class option, and the cop didn't show. Case dismissed.
oh GOD that sucks. Thankfully, I haven't gotten stopped. The only think I've gotten was a warning, but, it was because I left the sceen of my own accident to use a phone. But after explaining to him that I had never been in an accident he only warned me.

Screw the traffic school. You've got better things to do. Wait till you have like 4 or 5 tickets and you HAVE to go to it. :)
Heh, it's tempting to blow off traffic school, but if I do go the ticket will magically disappear from my record and I will get a lifetime break on my insurance rates (with multiple vehicles that adds up quick;).

I've had more run-ins with the boys in blue than I would like, but fortunately I've never had anything particularly bad happen. However, I have come away from those experiences with very little respect for that profession in general

I guess I've just seen a few too many cops run reds, go 90+ on the freeway (donut sale), cut people off, park illegally etc... and I've heard cop aquaintances and family members talk and I've come to realize that a lot of them have very little respect for the law that they claim to be upholding or the people they claim to be protecting and serving.

It just seems like many cops demonstrate a frightening amount of arrogance and hypocracy. My brother has told me about many times when cops have lied in court and how they don't seem to care even when they are caught in a lie because all that happens is they are admonished a little and it often doesn't even show up on the records.

Mind you, not all cops are bad, but over the years I've come to feel that it's a smaller percantage than it should be....

90 > 70 = ~$200

yeah, i don't speed too much anymore. the cop gave me a 85 in 70mph zone, which was nice, and gave me a warning for not having switched over to a CA license. (..i don't like DMVs...) in CA they let you do traffic school online. the place i did it at was ~$14 and was really easy. the only thing is that they timed the webpage so you had to spend a certain amount of time in each section. i joined a variety of hippy environmental groups, and got some neat books off of amazon.com. overall it was okay once i got over the initial shock. you weren't going so fast. must not speed in tx.
I was thinking about what the cop asked you and thought "If he didn't have the gun, I'da loved to have heard Vic's answer" then that got me thinking, what could he have answered...I came up with: "Where do you work?"

"My house."

"Across the street from my house."

"It depends. Some days here, some days there."

"Wouldn't you like to know?!?"

"See the hard-hat? See the shovel? See the rest of the stuff back there? What do you think buddy?"

"I'm unemployed at the moment." (which would spawn an inevitable question about the contents of the Bronco) "Ok, I'm in a Village People tribute band. Betcha can't guess which one I am."

and my favorite "I kill police men and use that shovel back there to bury their bodies in my backyard. *GRIN*"

hahaha :oP