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Not a happy camper....

Today has sucked so far.

No news on the house (at this rate I'm tempted to say fortunately). Just lots of work related stress and headaches.

I'm going to have to go and chew out some people. In my current mood, I wouldn't surprised if I rip some of their heads off (metaphorically of course).

Today is just turning out to to be fun fun fun.


Can I add a few folks to the "rip off their heads" list? Number one would be the contractors who failed to pull a permit for the chimney demolition/pipe and fireplace installation...

Now we have to go do it, wait a few days so it looks like we've had time to get the work done, then have the inspector in. This means we have to leave the holes in our walls OPEN until the inspector comes by. This is a pain in the ass.
This might be a little late, but it just occured to me that you might want to pick up a copy of the local city building codes/ordinances or whatever national book they are basing their rules on. Considering how much work you guys have done on the house it wouldn't hurt to take a look at it to see what things do or don't apply to your house etc... A lot of regs get grandfathered in so if you have an older house, you can get away with a lot. It also makes it easier for you to ask questions of your contractors like "are you going to pull the permit for this or am I?" and in this case it would also let you say "I'll pay you once you finish and it passes inspection"

The other reason to be up on these things is that it also let's you find out what things you can get away with. For example here, almost no one gets permits for fences or wrought iron security bars even though technically they are supposed to. In your case, if you knew that a permit had to be pulled (and paid for) you could have asked the contractor if his price included that and he might have said we can get away with out it and you could make the judgement call about that. You would also know what Bad Thing would happen if you didn't pull the permit.

Again, here the usual punishment if you are caught is a double fee, and having to have the work inspected. You might think that getting the permit and inspection protects you and to a point it does, but you should also find out what the city's policy is on inspections. Again, here, the city specificaly states that it is not responsable for making sure that the work inspected is really acceptable. Basically, if they make a mistake, it's your problem.

One finally note is that most of these regs are horribly dull and somewhat poorly written (wow, surprise). There are additional documents you can pick up which are clarifications to the rules and are written in lay terms, but you guys can probably figure out if you want to go that far. Considering the amount of money involve in a house, spending a couple of hundred on these books isn't such a bad idea and it'll give you guys a leg up when negotiating with contractor