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purple dragon

Almost there....

I got to negotiate house stuff yesterday afternoon. We've tentatively come to an agreement (verbally) but until all contracts are signed it's not set in stone... Still though, barring any last minute maneuvering by the other buyers, it looks like I am thiiiiiis close to having the house.... Hopefully I'll get to sign a counter-offer sometime today to make it official. All things considered, I ended up fairly close to what I was hoping to pay, a little higher, but nothing unbearable.

Predictably, I'm not sleeping well tonight.

So here you go. This is the house in question:

The picture is from an online real estate listing. It's not great, but it gives you a rough idea of what the house looks like. I was thinking of going by and taking pictures of the house, but I don't want to look like I'm stalking the house :). Once things are signed, I'll see if I can get in before closing to do some measuring and take some pictures.

In the meantime, I AutoCaded a bit. Based on what I could remember from my tour of the house, I drew up the following rough sketches of the first and second floors. The proportions of the rooms are fairly close to reality, but I'm likely off a bit on a few things that I couldn't quite remember exactly.

The First Floor - At the bottom is the huge front porch and entry. The big room up from that is the living room with fireplace and partially built-in bookcases. I'll probably tear those out and build in something nicer, the ones there right now are in poor shape. Then you have stairs going up, door to basement, poorly laid out kitchen, huge dining room and finally the back porch/addition with a half bath. I don't see doing too many changes to most of the first floor, except for re-arranging the kitchen, porch, and half bath into a more coherent unit. Right now they look like they were slapped together (which they were). One really nice feature of the first floor is how the entry, living room, and dining room are connected by fairly huge French doors. It's a neat old fashioned look but actually it's very open.

The Second Floor - Four bedrooms, 2 full baths, and a really big hallway/landing space between them all. Right now, my plan would be to take over the front two bedrooms with adjoining bathroom as a pseudo Master suite and possibly rent out one or two of back bedrooms. This is contingent on what my finances look like though. I don't think i got the angles on the diagonal walls, but that space looks really neat. One thing that I had thought about possibly doing is putting in an old fashioned skylight over the center space. It's big enough to accommodate a fairly large one, but I'd have to see what my attic is like as well as how energy efficient the house is or isn't.

I was hoping to also draw up the basement, but I didn't get a good enough look at it to accurately judge sizes or rooms etc... I'm pretty good at estimating measurements like that visually, but we saw it by the light of my mag-light because we couldn't find the light switches. It's about half finished and I intend to do some serious work to it. It's probably going to end up being the most different space in the house once I'm done with it (sometime in the next decade probably ;).

So there you go. Wish me luck in getting things set in stone sometime today so that I can get back to a semi-normal sleep schedule :)


Yay!!!! Good luck! Wow, it's like living through it all over again for me, and I'm not even finished! :)

Occupancy of similar sailing vessels....

Heh, I keep reading your comments about your house and thinking "Oh, I'm going to need to do that soon" It's actually really neat knowing several people who are in the new old-home owner stage that I can commiserate with.


Cool! I love the idea of a big old skylight in the central area- that would be neat-o. I'm thinking one of those big multi-faceted things with some clear panes and some colored panes so you get cool jewel tones on the floor...

It looks like you've got nice big rooms. Sounds like you'll be having a good bit of fun with it! Hope the thing goes smoothly.

Re: Whoo-hoo!

Heh, the multi-color glass idea is very cool, I hadn't thought of that. I even know a place that could hook me up with some really gorgeous glass.

Speaking of colored glass, I'm also thinking of making a stained glass piece for the front door. It has a 2x2 square of plain clear glass right now and I'm not too crazy about that.
Cool!!! I like the house! What kind of yard does it have in the back? and When was the house built? I hate to be premature, but....congratz! Damn everyone I know is looking for or purchasing a house now...I feel so left out still living in an apartment!
There's nothing wrong with living in an apartment. I probably couldn't have afforded to try the house thing except that the company is doing really well right now and as a co-owner that suddenly makes me look a lot better on paper. I still find the whole money financing thing really trippy. Althought it does make a lot more sense how some people can make some really crazy amounts of $$$ in real estate.

Let's see, the house was built in 1930 (I need to verify that but it's prbably fairly accurate). It has a good sized detached garage running along the back of the property and a fairly good sized back yard. It has a fenced in side yard and I'm considering putting up some sort of fencing around the front too. I think it would be nice to be able to let Zhaan run around the house while I'm home and doing the gardening bit.

One thing I like about it is that there is only one neighbor adjacent to that property. It has alleys running along one side and the back so it's actually a bit detached from other homes in the area.


Sounds very cool...I hope things go well for you! Maybe someday I will have a place of my own...but doubtful.
I don't suppose "your" house was the big empty one with the huge columns in front? I was really close to trying to get that one, but that didn't work out due to poor timing.

I know what you mean, old houses are definitely the way to go if you want a nice place that isn't part of a mega-suburb. They tend to be in or near established neighborhoods, you can often get a lot more space for the money and they have neat built-ins or the potential for them that newer houses just don't have. Even some of their quirks can make them more endearing and especially around here, an older house is almost guaranteed to be fairly unique.

Someday I may live in my super-dream house that I build from the ground up, but I can see myself happily living in this place for quite a few years (assuming I get it).
Looks and sounds great :)
Thanks! Now just keep your fingers crossed :)
I hope you get it, it looks like a cool house. What are you going to do with so much room to yourself?
I'll have people over of course ;).

Actually I was thinking about that today. So far I have specific plans for parts of the house, but I can also see leaving some rooms (like the back bedrooms) empty or with very little furniture/stuff for a while.

Realistically, this is probably way too much house for a single person, but hey, if I can get it, I'm sure I'll find some way to fill it up :)