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Still waiting....

Bleh, flaky seller's agent is taking her sweet ass time getting paperwork ready for me to sign. She sent the other buyers the formal withdrawl of the counter offer yesterday, but she hasn't gotten her counter offer to me rady and signed yet. Of course since she knows that I'll be signing it within like 30 minutes of her sending it out she can take her time. Grrr....

This is making me cranky. This is that annoying point where I'm ok with the deal I got, quite eager to go forward with it, but of course until papers are signed anything might happen. The other buyer could come up with a much better offer that I might not want or be able to beat and that would be that. Of course it also gives me time to fret about the mortgage payment and maintenance etc... and that is annoying. Once things are signed and I'm committed it's not as bad as right now, when I still have a fairly painless option for backing out. The urge to run away and not do the grown up thing is not terribly strong, but it is there.

Dragons aren't very good at waiting patiently.

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