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A long day.

So yesterday had lots of ups and downs.

Big down was just my afternoon and having to deal with just about every conceivable type of road hassle possible. Check this, in the span of one hour and fifteen minutes, I had to a) detour around a huge accident relate traffic jam on my primary route, b) got stopped waiting for a long and slow train, c) negotiated a traffic snarl caused by multiple stalled vehicles along my secondary route, d) got stuck waiting for a 40+ car funeral procession*

Amazingly enough, despite all that, I managed to maneuver myself to the bank in time to get this weeks checks deposited which makes things happier. I'll have to work again tomorrow, but the end is almost in sight with the first two duplexes.

After all that fun, I still had to battle traffic to get home. It took me about 30 minutes from the branch that I made it to. Not too horrible, but when I got home, all I wanted to do was jump in the shower and relax. Of course while I was in the shower I managed to poke myself in the eye and get my eyelash stuck along with some shampoo. Not fun. That convinced me to cut the shower a bit short before I managed to kill myself :). I was going to meet up with El Dave to go check out The Transporter (DS = 9.0 for action fans), but my RE agent called. He wanted me to go out to the other side of town to sign some papers. So I hustled out there and Dave changed the tickets to the next showing (and we still only had to pay for matinee).

So the house is now 98% definitely mine. I still have to iron out some details with my folks about my duplex and money and stuff but that's on my side. Still though, unless someone walks up to the seller with a big bag of cash, the deal is pretty much set and 100% negotiated. The seller will be signing her side of all the papers Monday or Tuesday and then we just have to wait until closing. The seller wants to stay an extra week after closing so I had to sign a rental agreement. It was kind of trippy seeing myself listed as "landlord" on it. I guess from now on I'll have to get used to that. Weird. Can you imagine having me as your landlord? Heh.

Anyways, I should get the house on/around 11/22 so I might possibly have the Family over for my first official Thanksgiving feast the next week. That'll depend on how quickly I can move stuff around in the house. Currently the first floor is going to be fairly sparsely furnished, so if I move all the boxes up and down as necessary, it should be quite serviceable for a Feast. I also intend to have a monster dining room table that's capable of seating everyone in the Family. The only downside to this setup is that the big screen TV will probably end up in the basement (if I can figure out how to put it down there). So much for watching Thanksgiving games during the feast (what will most likely happen for the time being though is that the TV will live on the first floor for a while).

So, yeah. I'm almost definitely a soon-to-be homeowner. So far so good, but damn if this waiting for people to sign things isn't annoying. I was mildly irked that I had to wait from Tuesday until Friday afternoon to have all the negotiations settled. I'm no expert on this, but it seems like a hugely inefficient process. There should be an easier way to negotiate these kinds of deals. I make an offer on Tuesday, they reply on Wednesday, I answer later that day, they think about it for a day, I get called again Friday morning with a single question, I reply and then it's not until Friday afternoon that things are settled. It's kind of fast I guess, but considering how much genuine negotiation was going on, I'm thinking we could have settled this on Tuesday... of course if that was the case, then the previous buyer might have already bought it before I had a chance to jump in and mess things up for them.

Ok, I'm rambling.

Ummmm... after real estate stuff, I met up with Jenny, Kendra and El Dave to celebrate my almost definitely set-in-stone deal. We had a good time, and then Dave and I went to go see the movie. After the movie I drove us around to see how the logistics of getting around from the house to our favorite downtown spots worked out and I was pleasantly surprised with how well situated it was. I mean I knew that I liked where it was, but I actually tried driving some specific routes and I liked their ease and the time they took. After that we went and hung out with Jenny at her place for a while. Eventually, I decided that I was dead tired from the long day and decided to head home. I got home watched some TV, chilled, thought about stuff (yay logistics), rambled on and then had to wait until morning to post because LJ sucks at 2am.

* editorial note: I hate funeral processions because they tend to be run very poorly by the off duty cops who hire on to do them. I've seen them almost cause accidents with semis and normal vehicles. I've seen the cops screw up their directions and then chew out a confused driver for not mind reading, and just generally be obnoxious. I guess it's just that I am often out driving when funerals tend to happen (weekday mid-morning) so they often interfere with my ability to efficiently get myself from point A to B. However, when it's 40+ cars of which 20+ of them had a single passenger in them... gah, I want to toss a few more people in the hole with the original stiff. There should be some way to regulate that more efficiently. Mourning is good, but some funeral processions are just ridiculous and really a hazard to the general public.

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