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purple dragon


It's official. I got the call from my RE agent. All of the papers are signed and I got the house :)

We should close in a little over a month.



Yippeee! Welcome to the world of limbo. May the time zoom by! :)

Thanks :)

I'm looking forward to being out of housing limbo in about 38 days (ish). Now to start planning a whole slew of new projects :)
*screams and jumps up and down*

a toast to you, the new home owner!


I can't wait for the housewarming party :)

btw, I much approve of the new icon :)
Merci! :)
Congrats! I am pretty thrilled for ya, man. When you're getting ready to pack/move, call me, and I'm there!

Thanks :)

And I'm going to hold you to that offer!
Speaking of which... My dad is coming out this Friday with a truck with the rest of my things... Would you be able to donate an hour or two to helping me get the stuff up there? He's going to spend a lot of time taking the little things up while I am at work, but we'll probably need help with the bigger things.
Sure, I can probably help after work on Friday (i.e. after 5 or so).

FYI, my standard moving fee is being fed. That's also my standard payment for friend movers... Right now I'm planning on having a little mexican barbecue (i.e. barbacoa) action at my place when I move in. I'll probably have a 5 box minimum and the lighter things will be unloaded first :).
Woot!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Good luck with everything...I had a feeling you would get it :D


You should have told me about this feeling. I was pretty antsy there at times :-p

I'm psyched, but of course this was a hurry up and wait situation since I won't get the house for a little over a month still. Of course that gives me plenty of time to plot and scheme and figure out how I'm going to do all this.

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

Re: Coolness

You will be fine! Just take a deep breath and start making lists of things you need to get done...and check them off as you go! All the pieces of the puzzle will fit together soon...and you will be all happy with your new house and all those new responsiblities :D
OOoO! How exciting! Congratulations.
Thanks! :)
Aw yeah!

Does this mean you're all grown up now?
No, it does not :-p

You haven't seen how I'm going to decorate it yet ;)