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Sew what?...

So I know that several of my friends know a thing or two about sewing and I was randomly wondering.

Does anyone know of a good site or perhaps even book on how to slipcover furniture? My mom has offered to give me a very nice, comfy recliner that would be great in the new house except that it is a hideous shade of pink-ish orange and Jack (my/their cat) mistook it for a scatching post a while back so part of one arm is looking a bit extremely perforated. I was thinking that I might like to slipcover it in a deep purple/eggplant velour type fabric that I've seen in a couple of fabric stores (yes, I admit it, I have on occasion wandered into a fabric store or two ;).

Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on how I could do this or where I could find some good information (ideally with pictures ;)?


imho, it is SO much easier to just buy a fitted cover. I tried to slipcover a couch (it was that 70's vinal... YUCK!) and it was SUCH a pain.

my one tip- buy some 1/2" or 3/4" pvc pipe. Tuck the slip cover into the cracks and then have the pipe over it, down the cracks. it will keep that cover from ever coming untucked. :)

he he he too much learning channel...
Hmmmmmmm let's see if I can guess where that tip came from....

Trading Spaces.....


Slipcovering a flower print sofa....

Heh, where do you think I got the idea for a slipcover from in the first place? :)

It's just that no one on the show really seems to explain how you actually make/aquire one, they just throw material around, fiddle with a sewing machine for a minute or two and then at the end of the second day, they have a finished slipcover that fits perfectly.

I will have to take a look at fitted slipcovers though.


well, i've seen it sort of done. but remember, that show has a TEAM of seemstresses. basically you cut out some REALLY big shapes, pin it inside out, then attempt to sew it.

but hey, that frank trick? really really works!
know nothing about slipcovers... might help to make a rough draft out of some cheap, flimsy fabric and then transfer over to your nice purplely fuzzy stuff.