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Sew what?...

So I know that several of my friends know a thing or two about sewing and I was randomly wondering.

Does anyone know of a good site or perhaps even book on how to slipcover furniture? My mom has offered to give me a very nice, comfy recliner that would be great in the new house except that it is a hideous shade of pink-ish orange and Jack (my/their cat) mistook it for a scatching post a while back so part of one arm is looking a bit extremely perforated. I was thinking that I might like to slipcover it in a deep purple/eggplant velour type fabric that I've seen in a couple of fabric stores (yes, I admit it, I have on occasion wandered into a fabric store or two ;).

Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on how I could do this or where I could find some good information (ideally with pictures ;)?

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