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purple dragon

Another question....

So, I'm just Mr. Inquisitive today.

I think that as a housewarming gift to myself, I want to get a new dog. Why?

Well, right now, I'm often home randomly during the day and my folk's dogs are nearby so Zhaan has some sort of company fairly often. The new house's backyard is very secluded and I don't want Zhaan to get bored/lonely during the day if I'm not able to come home as often. Not to mention the fact that it's been 3 years since I've had a small puppy (Zhaan still acts like one, but she's a bit big now ;).

Therefore, I'm debating what kind of dog to get so I thought I'd ask and I'm bored so here's a poll:

Poll #68157 Pet Question

What kind of dog should I get?

Chocolate lab
Golder Retreiver
Black lab


The golder retriever looks like a good choice, too. ;)
I love choc. labs. I think they are sooooo beautiful.
no breed at all! go to the pound...
purebred dogs just seem to have all sorts of special problems,
though i do like australian sheepdogs myself.
amen...mutts are the ultimate in a "unique" pet :o)
Yup. They're generally smarter, too. Which is SOMETIMES a good thing...


yeah, I've read/seen that many times pure breds can be retarded (not literally obviously) but slow and have major health problems due to the ammount of inbreeing that goes on :o( that's sad b/c people are just doing it for $$ and status (well, not all, but many breeders)
How the hell am I supposed to choose between Weimaraner and Golden Retriever? Though the "go to the pound" suggestion is a good one too.

Before you start thinking about getting a Weim, though, take this quiz: http://www.geocities.com/weimclubrescue/quiz/index.html . And no, it will not tell you what kind of Weimaraner you are. :/
get all of them