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Wal-Mart Trauma

You know, sometimes its good to go to Wal-Mart in the early evening. It reminds me why I shouldn't go there before midnight. I just don't know what I would do if there were no 24/7 supermarkets/supercenters/etc... I suspect I'd snap or something when I was buying cereal one day ;).

To start of this wonderful trip, some stupid lady nearly (as in like within an inch) ran into Molly while stealing a semi-close parking spot that I was signaling for. That was seriously annoying because there were like 30 or 40 other spots within 100 feet or so, this one just happened to be the closest. *grumble* I very nearly called in a hit and run report on her car....

A Note on Evil: If you ever want to really screw up someone's day, memorize their license plate and a general vehicle description and then wait a while and call (preferably from a pay phone) the cops and report a stolen car (for someone young) or a hit and run (for someone older).

Let me just say that this is a VERY evil thing to do and should not actually be done (think of the warnings given in the anarchist cookbook and other books on evil things to do ;). A properly phrased report will seriously screw up someone's day/night/etc... and might get them in a lot of trouble (you never know what random crap people have in their car). No, I have never done it, but I know a few cops through my brother and I've researched some things about police procedure ;)

Yes, I can be evil... I just (usually) choose not to be... ;)

So anyways, the rest of the shopping excursion wasn't too bad, just mildly excruciating. Screaming kids, People giving me a hard time for doing some Hot Wheels shopping (and then some brat trying to steal one from my cart). Long-ish lines, grumpy staff... all the trimmings of shopping at a mega huge store. Oh, and I forgot one of the 3 things I went to get, so I might go back later, or else make do without it until tomorrow.

I think one of the things that's most tiring about all that is that I just don't get it. I mean why do people have to be soooo inconsiderate when they go shopping? I mean if I am pressed for time, I go in, I get what I need and I get out. If I have time to shop, I browse around a little (or a lot) but I always stay out of people's ways. Why is it that some people go shopping and they browse and they drop things etc... and yet they are in a huge rush to get around... or you get the cholesterol people that just sit in the middle of the aisle with their shopping carts and their annoying kids clogging up the smooth flow of .shopping traffic.

Believe it or not I'm actually not grumpy. Its disbelief at how annoying people can be. for no particularly good reason. Signing off from the shopping battlefield ;)


Re: Been there

Seems like most folks here are mental blanks... I can't speak for Vic, but they have an amazing ability to find my ankles with their shopping carts. This is why I prefer to head out there really late at night/early early morning hehe...

though, I must admit that the idea of going to smaller shops/stores here and there to find what I need would be so nice, especially if its all within walking distance or so....

but tell me...where else than a Wal-Mart supercenter can you buy: tires AND toolbox for the bed of your truck, whipped cream, socks, flowers, new bed sheets, a desk bookshelf lamp and file cabinet, censored cds, Shiner Bock, feeder fish for your snake, a weeping willow and a ceiling fan; ALL in one store?!?! hehe...pretty sad eh?

--the randomness of the Dave

Re: Been there

Actually dude, I've had trouble not hitting you with shopping carts. Sometimes you tend to meander a little too much while walking a straight line. You've also randomly stuck a foot out as I'm about to pass by with a shopping cart. This is why I normally don't get one at Wal-Mart until we're loaded down with Hot Wheels :).

Oh, and if you need all of those things at the same time, you really should try to go shopping a little bit more often :-p

Re: Been there

well, i tend to pull evasive manuvers as a defensive mechanism against cart trauma :oPPP Sorry...but you've seen me, i'm about as coordinated as overcooked ramen...

how often is random when i stick out my foot...again, a defensive mechanism (sorta like how porcupines push out their quills, I push out my foot to defend my ankles/legs/body against on-coming carts. Remember, i worked at wal-mart for a leetel while mahn. hehehe...these moves come in handy ('cept when its me smacking an old lady w/ a train of 15 carts :oP)

oh and mind you, you stumbled over the cord the other night on your own, i was well behind you :oP I could have said "be careful" but what's the fun in warning folks about a emminent danger?

and the list...well, scary, but this one time while working at wally-world, this big huge fat redneck asked us, "Do you sell tires here?" I said "no" he then asked, "And you don't got no groceries like whipped cream and such?" I said, "no" and he seemed quite disappointed hehehe.... SCARY!