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W - T - F ?!?!?

Ok, I'm just attracting con artists today.

I just got called by a company about a magazine subscription. They were claiming that I said yes to 5 x 1-year magazine subscriptions for the bargain basement price of...

12 easy payments of


my response = KISS MY ASS!!!!

Who in their right (or for that matter wrong) mind would pay $599.40 for 60 magazines? They were trying to be slick to. Asking for my banking information so that they could electronically bill me each month for only $49.95. It's funny because I was just telling my folks that I think it's important to be polite to people who work in call centers (e.g. taking orders, doing customer service etc...) but that I was increasingly impatient with folks who seemed to be out to rip people off. I mean really, how can someone spend their day calling person after person for this kind of scam? The end of the conversation went something like this:

Me: "So what exactly are you saying that I agreed to?"
Shithead: "Paying a monthly fee of $49.95"
Me: "For how long?"
Shithead:" It will only be for 12 Months"
Me: "What!?!?
Me: "No. I have never agreed to pay almost $600.00 dollars for magazines. Heck, I only read 2 or 3 different ones"
Shithead:" Well you agreed to pay this."
Me: "No I didn't."
Shithead: "You'll only be paying for the magazines that you're already getting"
Me: "I am not getting 5 magazine subscriptions."
Shithead: "You're not?"
Me: "No.
Shithead: "Oh....... <click>"

Normally I'd be a bit miffed and just laugh it off as a lame scheme, but what pissed me off is that I'm a bit on edge with all the work crap and family crap and just plain nervousness about the house etc... Right now is not a good time to fuck with me. To quote the geat Mr. Samuel L. Jackson "Oh, you're ready to explode? You're ready to expode? Well I'm a mushroom cloud laying mutherfucker, motherfucker"

Gah. I need to go out and relax. Ta-ta.

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