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Just got notified that my camera was (finally) shipped. I should get it by next Friday (free ground shipping).

I was beginning to wonder what was up with it. I hope it enjoyed it's stay in lovely CA. I'm not thrilled with the folks who caused the delay, but I'm not actively loathing them anymore. Now if UPS were to strike again though, I'd probably have to go and break a few knee caps....

Anyways, hopefully in the next couple of weeks you'll get to see lots and lots of random pictures. Heh, prepare for the slideshow from hell :)


don't SAY ups strike. EEEEEEEEEEEKS. Between them and FedEx... they are my santa clauses... :)
Heh, like I said, they strike and I start breaking knee caps :)

They struck once a while back and it happened to be one of the few times (back then) when I had several things being shipped at once. I was not a happy camper for much the same reason the camera delay annoyed me. For some reason, I can (grudingly) accept a manufacturing side delay (e.g. the PS2 thing a while back where they couldn't make them fast enough to meet demand) but a delay where my stuff is just sitting in a box in a truck/boat (esp if I think it's for a stupid reason) just really aggravates me.

A while back I actually went down to the local UPS office to complain because every time that I had something scheduled to arrive on a Friday it wouldn't get here until the following Monday and quite often things would be "out for delivery" for two or even three days (i.e. they put it on the truck and the truck didn't end up out here for two whole days). Basically since our office is at the end-ish of one of their routes (UPS always shows up around 5-7pm), the people doing the route would just not bother delivering it on Fridays or if it was fairly late. Since I complained though, I don't think UPS has once missed one of their scheduled delivery days (knock on wood).

Hmmm.... Heh after re-reading that post I can't help but wonder, could I have any less of a life?


I dunno if you could have less of a life. Because, I have just read it, and now i'm replying. I'm lucky that I live NO WHERE near the UPS office. Actually, the only time I've called them was when they told me to come GET my packages from them if I wanted them so badly. And I had to explain that I was NOT driving an hour one way to come get my boxes, when I paid for DELIVERY. The woman apparently got the hint, they were on my door the next day. LOL.

It is pouring here, I am off to do more Xmas shopping... After a quick trip to the town dump. In the pooring rain. Atleast it will keep me from hunting around and looking for "treasure". You'd be amazed what people throw out.

Now who has less of a life? I'm going dump picking in the rain!
Should I be worried that Xmas shopping and going to the dump are going to be part of the same outing? :-p


Thats it. I'm going back there and grabbing something out of the "free" pile for you.... I saw I nice collection of rollaway cots that looked like junkies had used them... wonder how much to UPS those puppies to TX? LOL
Wait a minute, you mean the dump actuallys has a non-free pile?


*snicker* Well, I guess it is ALL free then, isn't it? Accept for the poor shlep who paid to dump it there....
Of course the really scary thing is that I hear that and I think:

"Hmm... if the metal frames are in good shape, I could clean those up, ditch the nasty mattresses, hit the fabric store for some nice fabric and cushiony material and those might actually be useful...."