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purple dragon

A manly bag...

So, I have had some sort of bag to carry my stuff around in since I was in middle school. Up until college that was always a backpack. Even now, my favorite all purpose bag is an older version of the very very cool (and insanely comfortable) Oakley Icon Backpack.I've had it for about 4+ years and it's still tip top. It's great for traveling and random times when I need to carry lots of random stuff. I've loaded this bag down with 50+ lbs of stuff and wandered around Boston all day without a problem (the shoulder straps really make this bag).

It's really a great bag, but it's lacking a bit when it comes to looking professional. 90% of the time I can get away with being on the very casual end of "business casual" but this bag is a little to far over the edge for that. So, I've been looking around for some sort of messenger bag that a) has lots and lots of pockets for my various knick knacks and b) looks fairly clean cut. Not that I look clean cut very often, but I'm lazy and I don't like the idea of having to transfer stuff from one bag to another when I need to look like a business person. Basically I've been looking for something that's a cross between a messenger bag proper and a briefcase. Preferably in something tough enough (e.g. leather) to survive getting thrown into and around inside my truck on a daily basis. I'd finally found a canvas Eastpack bag that was fairly decent and I've been using it for about a year and a half, but it was still lacking a bit (the canvas shows dirt and is hard to wipe off easily) and it's starting to show a bit of wear (and IME when a bag starts to show significant wear it tends to go downhill fairly quickly). So, the search for a bag resumed in earnest this month and I think I finally found it (keeps fingers crossed)....

I just bought this messenger bag in the dark brown leather. Lots of pockets to keep my toys organized and it looks rugged enough and spacious enough to meet my day to day needs. I'm very highly pleased with this. I've been looking for something like this for ages. For the record, yes, Indiana Jones did factor into this purchase on some level :-p

Trust me, you needed to know that. Really ;)


That's a really nice looking bag! I used to carry a "professional" looking bag to work, but ever since I started riding, I couldn't. A couple of weeks back, I purchased a nice looking backpack. :)
So long as you get a bag with 3-point contact you don't have to go to a regular backpack. I used my REI Musette for a long time; it's got a great floating laptop pocket. The only problem is I can't overload it as much as I can a regular backpack or my shoulder gets sore.

I have possibly the largest laptop bag that I carry known to mankind. LOL. Thank you LL Bean. LOL
Are you still in japan? When I was in seoul I was surprised to see most men and women dressed in formal business attire with a jansport backpack slung over a shoulder.