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Must - stop - thinking...

Gah. I want to go to sleep now.

Really I do.

I just have too much stuff on my mind right now.

What I wouldn't give for a non-chemical way to induce sleep (short of an anvil to the head)


Now's about the time to get a massage (like real and paid for) from a person with strong hands. With any luck you'll be left like a bowl full of jello and then you'll be able to sleep. Baths with sea salts also help. And exercise helps out too. Good luck!
One of these days I really do need to do that. From what you've said, it sounds like a very good idea.
My parents' Readers Digest used to do it for me... (do they still print that?)
Yes they do.

I used to like reading through it for the jokes and quotes (and occasional how-to type articles). Unfortunately it's morphed into a very advertisement laden preachy magazine that I'm not too pleased with.

Wise Advise From A Wise Ass

meditate yourself to sleep ZenMaster

Re: Wise Advise From A Wise Ass

If I could meditate, I could sleep.

I was too wound up to do either that night.

Re: Wise Advise From A Wise Ass

I guess sometimes having the ability to blank out is nice...though it sucks when you're driving in traffic and there's a red light or stop sign ahead eh? :oPP hahahaha
here's to hoping you got some sleep after all!
I did eventually crash.

I'm actually enjoying the time change since I'm waking up at the same (actual) time and the hour difference has almost shifted my sleep back to abnormal. It was off by 2-3 hours before, now it's just 1-2 and I'm trying to get it entirely back to normal.